This site belongs to Wesley Coakley, also known on the Internet as wesl-ee and locally known simply as Me (⌒▽⌒) I'm developing next-gen financial tools for the Terra blockchain at Levana Protocol.

You're reading my homepage & personal wiki; nothing is off-topic here! I'm the only one with write-access so all opinions are my own and all information here can only be as correct as I am; this site is generated with love and ikiwiki and collects much of my writing, ranging from full-length write-ups to thoughts I have throughout the day. It is my personal knowledge base and also the manifestation of my character on the Wired.

I still haven't filled out many of the pages on this site but if you'd like to start exploring my personal wiki some the best way is to read a little about Me because that's who's writing this!


You can find out more about this site by reading about the site Meta. You can also easily browse all the pages but that's definitely the lamest way to browse a wiki; just click on the blue links and wander around instead!