I had my ears pierced today. It didn't realy hurt at all, just a quick sting like getting the flu shot. Both sides were pierced at the upper and lower lobes so this procedure was done 4 times; I was in + out in ~20 minutes, accounting for filling out paperwork and picking out the stainless-steel studs. I can recommend going to a dedicated shop like a tattoo + piercing place; somewhere that uses a hollow needle to pierce, not a gun.

These will heal for 3 〜 4 months at which point I can change them out for other jewelry which I have not decided on nor bought yet. After about a year I'll consider possibly more work if I like how these look with studs or earrings. I think it would look way cool to connect one of the lobes to a helix piercing with a chain; I may just do an industrial piercing instead of that; I'm not really sure yet but I will let these heal for now.

There were many other types of studs at the shop made of different materials such as opalite or stainless steel finished with gold; I prefer the ones I got as I don't think I'd like the look of any white or gold finish on me, though it's hard to tell just looking at them next to your ear; titanium was a close runner-up.