This site belongs to Wesley Coakley, also known on the Internet as w!HAXU9fXGtc and locally known simply as Me (⌒▽⌒) I'm a software engineer at NVIDIA working in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

You're reading my homepage & personal wiki; nothing is off-topic here! I'm the only one with write-access so all opinions are my own and all information here can only be as correct as I am; this site is generated with love and ikiwiki and collects much of my writing, ranging from full-length write-ups to thoughts I have throughout the day. It is my personal knowledge base and also the manifestation of my character on the Wired.

I still haven't filled out many of the pages on this site but if you'd like to start exploring my personal wiki some the best way is to read a little about Me because that's who's writing this!