wonder-pop is a Lenovo X61 Tablet and is what I consider my “daily” laptop. I don't take it with me when I travel because it's hefty (about 3.75 pounds). Additionally it has about 50 minutes of battery life meaning that it's more akin to a “mobile desktop” than anything else, though this battery life will likely 2x once I upgrade its battery, and unintentionally its weight.

Compute Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 (1.6GHz) CPU
Memory 4GiB PC2-5300 RAM
Display 1024 x 768 (4:3)
12.1" tablet “touchscreen”
Auxillary Fingerprint reader
Rotating + fold-down Wacom tablet screen
Bluetooth 2.0 chip
SD Card slot
Firewire 400 port
Cardbus (type 2) slot

This computer was North Carolina State University surplus equipment and was sold to me for $10 in August 2018. I keep the original surplus equipment price tag on the back though it's quite faded now.

My X61 Tablet in a lecture hall in NCSU's Engineering Building 3 (left) and next to my Japanese x240 (right)

Additionally I own an X6 Tablet Ultrabase which docks to the bottom of this tablet and which extends the functionality to include:

  • (1) serial port
  • (1) parallel port
  • (1) additional VGA port
  • (4) extra USB ports
  • Optical disk drive (MATSHITA UJDA775)
  • (1) additional RJ-11 (telephone) jack
  • (1) additional RJ-45 (ethernet) jack

The tablet functionality has been really nice working with my 318ti. I can fold the computer in half and lay it in the passenger seat while still on and connected to my OBD-II port in the cabin, scraping real-time data from the ECU as the car pushes the tachometer through its range.

My X61 Tablet in a lecture hall in NCSU's Engineering Building 3 (left) and next to my Japanese x240 (right)

The serial port is necessary to access further modules within this E36 unless one jumps some pins in the 20-pin Pacman connector under the hood. A K+DCAN tool will do this without needing to jump those pins too. Modules which are inaccessible are things like the instrument cluster, airbags, ABS + traction control and the “comfort” features like making headlights flash during key FOB activation and other small things like this which are programmed with NCSExpert coding.