I often relax and explore my mood through music. Beginning in late 2019 I began to DJ exclusively & pseudononymously under the moniker DJR3. I use that identity now as a pseudonym only when I DJ and when I play music fitting these these non-exclusive genre tags:

  • Hardstyle, Hardcore
  • Nightcore, Nightstyle, Happy Hardcore
  • Neorave
  • Drum and Bass
  • French House

I've performed more in Virtual Reality than I have in real-life, though often my sets are hybrids of VR + IRL. I explore unconventional, real-time settings, like throwing interactive, VR raves in Garry's Mod, a video game released in 2006. Actually I coded a gamemode for Garry's Mod called STREAM STAGE expressely for this, if only because I was curious if it could be done. It can be done and I have done it many times.

Here are all videos of the sets I have played which I have archived:

February 3, 2024 โ€” re;set

[Watch on YouTube / Download full version from IPFS]

re;set was a URL event; it was the first time I rendered tryhard visuals alongside a set which took forever to actually plan and do, considering this was only a ~30 minute spot, but I'm proud of how they turned out despite how many times I cursed at Adobe Premiere.

The IPFS version has my ~1.5 minute intro and text chat from the event attached.

Oil paints from the intro sequence

  1. ISOxo & Ninajirachi - SHYPOP
  2. Tekken 8 - Victor Chevalier Theme
  3. Masayoshi Iimori - Rave Revolt
  4. maniken05 - ๐ŸŽฒ nรผ high
  5. DAISUKE ASAKURA - stealth
  7. Always Mirin - Only Girl
  10. Baauer - Let Me Love You (Gutta & Gvrylite Remix)
  11. PSYQUI - Still in my heart
  12. gasoiid - ๐Ÿ’ง
  14. JORF REMIX - Let Me Be With You
  16. ์ด์ •ํ˜„ - Wa (์™€)
  17. leroy - it's up to YOU now!!
  18. DJ Sliink - Football Anthem
  19. BACK DOOR EXIT - IVE got a cr*sh on you

October 6, 2023 โ€” Millennium Strike Prologue: 2023

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

Millennium Strike hosted two days packed full of DJs in Chicago this weekend in October, 2023. I was given the chance to play one alongside Bushmaster, with whom I've been playing sets for years.

And wow, this is the first IRL set in front of more than 5 people! I had a great time playing and putting together the visuals. I also wore a crop top I re-hemmed myself from an Old Navy pull-over despite how cold it was outside because the venue was so hot after hours of dancing.

  1. ๏ฝฅ. sample bandit โ€” beat masta ๏ฝฅ.
  4. BeForU โ€” Loveโ™ฅShine (Trent Sinclaire Bootleg)
  5. ห–โบโ€งโ‚Š maniken05 โบโ™ฅห– f333333l โ‚Šโ€งโบห–
  6. YONEDA โ€” Bitch
  9. Malke โ€” Fuck That Beat Up
  10. dwams โ€” ++ADV FLASH STEP (hypertrance demo)
  11. Walter One โ€” Face To Face
  12. Deka โ€” ZEUS x Next to me (Deka Remix)
  13. Always Mirin โ€” Only Girl (Hardstyle Gym Remix)
  14. Skeler โ€” Arcadia (Heimanu Remix)
  15. S3RL โ€” Over The Rainbow (feat Sara)

August 29, 2023 โ€” ASHPOCALYPSE

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

VRChat AR/VR DJ set. I am performing in real-time in VRChat and also wrote the Unity plugin for the view you see on the video. My clothes are from Kingly Mask in Harajuku, Tลkyล, which I acquired during this trip to Tลkyล in 2023.

  1. Tevvez โ€” Virtual Self โ€” Ghost Voices (Hardstyle Remix)
  2. Arianna โ€” Strange B3ast (x mionn)
  3. BWBO โ€”ใ€Œ P H Y S A ใ€โ€” dontstop
  5. โ˜†puppyโ˜† โ€” lick it
  6. Britney Spears โ€” Toxic (Nightcore)
  7. Yurkyu โ€” Let's Get Physical
  8. Klubbheads โ€” Bambooze
  9. Mqx โ€” Next 2 Me
  10. Mqx โ€” Next to Me
  11. OMY โ€” Origin
  12. Skeler โ€” Arcadia (Heimanu Remix)
  13. Yurkyu โ€” BULLEETTPROOOF
  16. S3RL โ€” Bass Slut (KINN Remix)

Apr 15, 2023 โ€” HOWLAR.SPACE

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

DJ set captured in real-time with an Intel Realsense depth camera. As with my set 2022 set for Millennium Strike (below) I also filmed this in the weird alcove under my stairs. This time I recorded the raw sensor data (downlod availability pendingโ€ฆ)

  1. Habstrakt โ€” Prรฉambule
  2. Habstrakt โ€” Tonight
  3. ISOxo โ€” Beam
  4. Deadcrow โ€” Fallout (Poni Remix)
  5. Toriena โ€” CQC
  6. S3RL โ€” Dopamine
  7. Martin Bravi โ€” Habits (Stay High)
  8. Sub Zero Project โ€” Rave Culture 2022
  9. Bioweapon โ€” Bass Power
  10. MUST DIE!, Waterspirit โ€” IN MY HEAD
  11. ???
  12. Gunman โ€” Raito
  13. Yeah โ€” Deapmash
  14. Silencee โ€” Controller
  15. Crypovolk โ€” Like a G6 (Hardstyle)
  16. Buunshin โ€” Sterven
  17. Sudoverse โ€” In the City
  18. Connor Gallagher, Zyzz, Zedd โ€” Clarity - Hardstyle
  19. ISOxo โ€” inhuman (fairy fountain VIP)
  20. Lady Gaga, Zyzz โ€” Just Dance - Hardstyle (SPED UP)
  21. Sickmode, Rooler โ€” TOO COLD
  23. k?d โ€” SOMEWHAT HUMAN
  24. Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz โ€” Miss You (Hardstyle Remix)
  25. Lil Texas โ€” Total Knock Out
  26. S3RL โ€” Bass Slut - X-FIR3 Remix
  27. KLIO, DJ Satomi, Nightcore Nation โ€” I'll Fly With You (L'amour Toujours) (Nightcore Party Mix)
  28. S3RL โ€” Doki Doki ใƒ‰ใ‚ญใƒ‰ใ‚ญ
  29. Otira โ€” Incorrect
  30. Sickmode โ€” GO STUPID
  31. Maul โ€” TOKYO LIFT
  32. Yosuf, Lil Texas โ€” DECA
  33. Knock2 โ€” REWiND


[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

DJ set captured in real-time with an Intel Realsense depth camera (above). Depth data was imported into Unity and used to render a pointcloud representing a human form with particle effects, also in real-time.

I filmed this set in a weird alcove under my stairs where I fit a subwoofer, box amp and a moderately large television, along with all the recording equipment.

  1. heimanu โ€” Arcadia
  2. knock2 โ€” PARANOiD
  4. Charlie Sparks โ€” Tatakai
  5. Lil Texas, Danny L Harle & Dj Danny - Donk Rhythm
  7. Heimanu โ€” Atrea
  8. Heimanu โ€” Atrea ( Former Hero Remix)
  10. Angel Cannon, Deadcrow โ€” The Light
  11. The Straikerz & So Juice โ€” Can You Feel That (Gearbox Presents Twin Turbo)
  13. Lil Texas & Water Spirit โ€” Down Like This
  14. Chee โ€” Pressure
  15. Zuli โ€” Trigger Finger
  16. Koreless โ€” Joy Squad
  17. Dutch Master โ€” Get Up (Kutski Remix)
  18. Dagga โ€” Hype and Dope
  19. A.G. Cook โ€” Xxoplex
  20. ZULI โ€” Keen Demag
  21. Ytho โ€” Crisis

Mar 26, 2021 โ€” EVA Online Presents: Synesthesia #009

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

I did this set entirely in VR and never took my HMD off for any bit of it. The game may look like VRChat but it's actually Garry's Mod with VRMod, which gives this 15+ year-old game VR support. I wrote a gamemode called STREAMSTAGE to accomodate streaming audio to all users in the server so every in the club experiences the music together.

Unlike my previous Streamstage events, this time I taped a GoPro to my head and fed the video stream into my HMD. Doing so I was able to coordinate my hand movements to control the DJ controller on the piano stand in front of me. You can see the exact feed from the GoPro in the upper right hand corner of the video screen. The orange-y color is from an OBS filter I applied to it but that's exactly what I saw in the Quest. It was a little difficult to check my phone (for instance) but it all worked well in the end. This creates a fairly seamless AR / VR DJ experience, assuming you have enough USB ports to do all this bullshit.

The Mixxx feed (the DJ software I use) also was piped into the headset so I could select and cue tracks in real time. Any time you see me stare into the middle-distance or a little above my controller during the set I'm cueing the next track or checking audio levels. Instead of Quest audio (which can be nightmarish sometimes) I plugged a pair of headphones into the 3.5mm jack on the front of my computer and used those as my cues, while my room speakers (connected to a USB audio interface coming from the PC) played the game audio which was captured in the final render. This eliminated the latency problems I've experienced in previous sets, and let me move in-time with what everyone in the server (and everyone in the stream) saw!

I'm so glad we had a bunch of people log on to the GMod server! I honestly didn't expect so many friends in game, since this was part of a bigger event which mostly played out on Twitch.

  1. SHSTR - Exodus
  2. Moris Blak - Hereditary
  3. Unholy - Ego Sum Deus
  5. Garรงons - Tartarus
  6. Gesaffelstein - Zzafrika (Gesaffelstein Rmx)
  7. GasteL - Rene
  8. Pedestrian Tactics - Kernel Panic
  10. Masayoshi Iimori - Flow
  11. Expulze - Mind Control (Original Mix)
  12. DJ Sharpnel - TOKI-MEKI GABBAREAL (tanigon)
  13. Boy 8-Bit - Fogbank
  14. Apashe;INSTASAMKA - Uebok (feat. Instasamka) (Russian Jump Up Mafia)
  15. Trance Generator - Chaos (The Yofridiz Remix)
  16. S3RL - Doof Doof Untz Untz (Weaver Remix)
  17. Shaun Baker/Seaside Clubbers - DUP DUP (Danceboy German Remix)
  18. East Clubbers - East Clubbers - Drop
  19. MALIXE - All Is None
  20. Nhato - Forbidden Souls
  21. Shifter Feat. S3RL - Hardcore Is The Place
  22. SHSTR - Destroy The Creator
  23. Minamotoya - Alpenglow

Jan 8, 2021 โ€” VRChat DJs United x EVA DIMENSIONAL COLLAPSE

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

DIMENSIONAL COLLAPSE was a party in VRChat organized by DJ's United and featuring collaboration with EVA Online to celebrate the release of R O C K Y's Euphoria EP. This was by far the longest time I'd ever spent consecutively in VR, by the end of it we'd been talking and dancing and playing music for something like 7 hours. My trackers died twice and my headset and right controller were nearly dead at the end but it was an extremely fun night.

I'd like to do VR events / crossovers like this more often. The nice thing about games like VRChat or Garry's Mod is that you can play them with a headset or just on keyboard, there were plenty of people that night doing either. Just having everyone in the same "virtual" room creates such a warm and close atmosphere despite being maybe thousands of miles away from many of the people there. There's feeling of closeness, especially in VR where you can see everyone's body language, that makes experiences like this very special to me.

  1. Zeds Dead - Nostalgia
  2. Tessela - Let Up
  3. Kode 9 - Uh
  4. Lone - Dragonrush
  5. Geoxor - Moneko
  6. Marina and the Diamonds - Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)
  7. kittynxc - T3LL U
  8. JOYRIDE - On Fire
  9. Machinedrum and Holly - Berry Patch
  10. Special Request - Fett
  11. Sully - Swandive
  12. DMVU - Bloccd
  13. Silkie - Limits
  14. Shandy Kubota - Spin Out (aran Remix)
  15. โ™ฅ GOJII โ™ฅ - SPELLBOUND
  16. S3RL & Filthy Frank - Dumbass Statuses
  17. Manian - Hold Me Tonight (Nightcore Edit)
  18. Wildstylez and Sound Run ft. Ruby Prophet - Untamable (Tweekacore Remix)
  19. Hommarju - Reboot
  20. LektriQue, Mightnight CVLT - Full Throttle
  21. Proxy & Autodidakt - Action Jackson
  22. Teddyloid - Jumping Mole (Nerdcore Switch)
  23. Manga & Dta - Riddim
  24. SHOCKONE - Follow Me
  25. Skepsis - Goes Like (The Prototypes Remix)
  26. Current Value - That Smile
  27. Metrik - Hackers
  28. GRRL - Rally
  29. Netsky, Urbandawn - Power
  30. S3RL - 9 Bars of Ecuador
  31. Rawtek & Bellorum - Money Call
  32. ALRT & Callum Higby - Feel My NRG
  33. Radical Redemption & Nonsens - Beat Hotel
  34. The Avalanches - Interstellar Love

Dec 11, 2020 โ€” Streamstage Dec.11.2020.GMod.VR.DJ

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

  1. GRRL - Rally
  2. Hommarju - Reboot
  3. TORIENA - Break Me Down
  4. USAO - BroGamer
  5. Hommarju - Demon's Rave (Original Mix)
  6. Massive New Krew - The Daylight
  7. Anime - Cracks
  8. Rockefeller Street (EightOEight Hardstyle Remix)
  9. S3RL - Bass Slut (X-FIR3 Remix)
  10. Shaun Baker/Seaside Clubbers - DUP DUP (Danceboy German Remix)
  11. Sagi-Rei - L'Amour toujours
  12. Danny L Harle, Lil Texas - Dreaming
  13. Rav3r - Thick As Thieves - Jack To The Sound (T78 Extended Remix)
  14. Scot Project - B (Baby) (Scot Project Remix)
  15. A.Mochi - Squeal 43 (Original Mix)
  19. S3RL - Neon Genesis (Pulse Remix)
  20. Anime - Be A God (Tih) (Endymion Remix)
  21. DJ Mad Dog - 1996
  22. Barong Family - Psycho Boys Club & Sihk - Spicy Curry
  24. TORIENA - Flashback
  25. Otira - Believe In Yourself
  26. LeKtriQue, Midnight CVLT - Full Throttle (Original Mix)
  27. RoughSketch & uno feat. ใ•ใใดใ‚‡ - Nyan-Nyan-Nyan!
  29. aran & t+pazolite - Chobit Flavor
  30. USAO - Radiant (Massive New Krew REMIX)
  31. S3RL Feat. Sara - Over The Rainbow

Oct 24, 2020 โ€” STREAMSTAGE Virtual-Reality Audiovisual Experience

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

  1. [Music Bed] MURA MASA - Low (feat Jay Prince)
  2. Yuki Kajiura - Magical Girl Birthday
  3. DJ Hidden - Times Like These VIP
  4. Rav3r - Thick As Thieves - Jack To The Sound (T78 Extended Remix)
  5. Scot Project - B (Baby) (Scot Project Remix)
  6. Mak & Pasteman - Runout (Original Mix)
  7. Nineteen Sines - Chemical (T78 Remix)
  8. Patrik Berg - Hope (Original Mix)
  9. A*S*Y*S, T78 - Ac/Id (Original Mix)
  10. i_o - Another Level
  11. Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Raito Remix)
  12. Unknown Artist - Untitled (Kalli's Freezing Cold Confused Yoghurt Mix)
  13. ASYS - The Acid (Original Version)
  14. UMEK - Beat at 4 AM (Original Mix)
  15. i_o - Rave 444
  16. Batongo - Batongo - Aguirre (Fango Remix)
  17. I Hate Models - Walpurgis Night (feat. Zanias)
  18. Hydelic - Walls
  19. In-Panic Vs Bubble - Imitation Of Life
  20. Neurotic Pulse - Undermind All
  21. Klanglos - Acid Trip
  22. Cosmic Boys - Timeless (Original Mix)
  23. Kai Tracid, Ramon Tapia - 303 State (Extended Version)
  24. Alignment - Time (Original Mix)
  25. Ursula Rucker, 2pole - Alone Feat. Ursula Rucker (Original Mix)
  26. A.Mochi - Squeal 43 (Original Mix)
  27. A*S*Y*S, Kai Tracid, Tom Wax - Freedom of Expression (Dark Acid Mix)
  28. Renegade System - Predator (Extended Mix)
  29. Da Tekno Warriors - Yo
  30. DJ Hidden - The Nightmare Connector (Original Mix)
  31. DJ Mad Dog - 1996
  32. Camisra - Let Me Show You (Da Techno Bohemian Mix)
  33. TORIENA - Flashback
  34. Otira - Believe In Yourself
  36. Good Enuff - Otira - Night Is Short
  39. S3RL - Bass Slut
  40. Anime - Cracks
  41. tiger YAMATO - R3
  42. 190' - PARANOiA Rebirth
  43. Yuki Kajiura - Domus Meus [Arrangement No.1]
  44. Atlon Inc. - Room Nr. 1
  45. Juyen Sebulba & Lil Texas - Rush Hour
  47. Son Lux - Flickers
  48. Halogenix & IMANU - Technoid
  49. Geoxor - Virtual
  50. bitbird - Aiobahn - Fragments (ft. KOCHO)
  51. Yuki Kajiura - Where Is It
  52. MONDO GROSSO - ใƒฉใƒ“ใƒชใƒณใ‚น (Album Mix)

Jun 28, 2020 โ€” EVA Online Presents: Synesthesia #002

[Download raw from IPFS]

  1. [Lobby] Rei Harakami - Pone
  2. S3RL & SynthWulf - Press Play Walk Away
  3. gasoiid - s0-n2u
  4. kittynxc - T3LL U
  5. Boney M - Rasputin (DOPEDROP Bootleg)
  6. Nightcore - All The Things She Said (DJ Gollum feat. Scarlet)
  7. Anime - Cracks
  8. 180 - PARANOiA (kskst mix)
  9. Crystal Lake - Handzup Motherfuckers (Nightcore edit)
  10. S3RL & Filthy Frank - Dumbass Statuses
  11. t+pazolite & Getty - Twisted Drop Party
  12. USAO - BroGamer
  13. LIL TEXAS - Description of Evil
  14. Braven - Texas Energy
  15. DJ Sharpnel - MOTHERFUCKER!! (tanigon)
  16. Usao - Up in Smoke
  17. Water Spirit - ARIES
  18. Juyen Sebulba & Stoltenhoff - Deathmatch
  19. DJ Mad Dog - Fuck That Shit
  20. Nightcore - Dreamers
  21. S3RL Feat. Tamika - Better Off Alone

Jun 6, 2020 โ€” [Week 2] Club Howler Virtual Rave & TTT

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

  1. [Lobby] AAron EVO โ€” Beverly Chills
  2. Perfume โ€” Take off
  3. Perfume โ€” love the world
  4. The Touch โ€” Le Night Dominator (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
  5. Lady Gaga โ€” Alice
  6. COFFIN โ€” COFFIN โ€” Bullet
  7. Injury Reserve โ€” Jailbreak the Tesla (feat. Aminรฉ)
  8. Flava D โ€” Acting Stank
  9. Prospa โ€” Back to the motherland (original mix)
  10. ๐‘ฎ๐‘น๐‘น๐‘ณ โ€” GRRL โ€” The Bird
  11. MacHinedrum & Holly โ€” Berry Patch (IMANU Remix)
  12. ALRT โ€” ALRT & Callum Higby โ€” Feel My NRG
  13. Good Enuff โ€” Otira โ€” The Funky Beat
  14. Blacklolita โ€” FOREVER (^_^)
  15. Ken Ishii โ€” The World of PAC-MAN (Original Mix)
  16. Azureon: Surge โ€” HAEZER โ€” You Feel Me ft. Born I Music
  17. Gesaffelstein โ€” Hate Or Glory
  18. Daft Punk โ€” Fall (Japanese Popstars Remix)
  19. Water Spirit โ€” ARIES
  20. Barong Family โ€” Juyen Sebulba & Stoltenhoff โ€” Deathmatch
  21. DJ Mad Dog โ€” Fuck That Shit
  22. Otira โ€” Otira โ€” Black Dog
  23. Barong Family โ€” Juyen Sebulba & Lil Texas โ€” Rush Hour
  24. Mitomoro & M-Project โ€” F#=k That Beat Up
  25. S3RL โ€” Bass Slut
  26. Anime โ€” Cracks
  27. DJ Sharpnel โ€” ่ฉฉ็‰‡
  28. LIL TEXAS โ€” Out My Head
  29. 180 โ€” PARANOiA (kskst mix)
  30. Alice DeeJay โ€” Better Off Alone 2008 (C o O k ! e Remix)
  31. Himera โ€” Voicenote

May 9, 2020 โ€” End of Howler: One More Final: Thank You

[Watch on YouTube / Download raw from IPFS]

After three years of operation, the NCSU Imageboard, howler.space, shut down. Because we couldn't meet up in-person anymore, as the university was closed for the rest of the semester, we decided to throw a rave in Garry's Mod. To my knowledge this hasn't been done before and it required a handful of open-source tools that I wrote to help facilitate the music and atmosphere of the party. After the music was over we played Trouble in Terrorist Town on the same server until the website shut down.


Neo-funk, breakbeat, hardstyle

  1. KTG โ€” Romantic Love (Remix)
  2. DOT96 โ€” MAKE IT FUNKY NOW (BMS Edit)
  3. Gambafreaks โ€” Down Down Down (Class A Remix)
  4. Spy โ€” Midnight Blue
  5. Disclosure โ€” Expressing What Matters
  6. Higgo โ€” Champion Sound VIP
  7. Mousse T. / Hot 'N' Juicy โ€” Horny โ€” Mousse T.'s Extended Mix
  8. Madison Avenue โ€” Don't Call Me Baby
  9. Kohta Takahashi โ€” Urban Fragments
  10. Hiroshi Okubo โ€” Movin' In Circles
  11. Hideki Naganuma โ€” FEEL the POWER in YOUR SOUL
  12. DJ Dicks "The Doctor" Darkness โ€” The Psyscho Ball
  13. Masafumi Takada โ€” DANGANRONPA FUTURE MIX
  14. Klaus Veen โ€” Ordinary Days V2
  15. Sealab โ€” Suit Up
  16. kittynxc โ€” T3LL U
  17. DJ Arne L. II โ€” R.I.P.
  18. Machine Girl โ€” Sister Juke
  19. Maladroit โ€” Amen Motherfucker
  20. Machine Girl โ€” Cloud99 (As Above Mix)
  21. Hidenori Shoji & Haruyoshi Tomita โ€” World 8: Clock Tower Factory
  22. Trym Torson โ€” Transition (Original Mix)
  23. Machine Girl โ€” Lilith
  24. Kohta Takahashi โ€” Move Me
  25. Sewerslvt โ€” Blacklight (feat. Skvllz)
  26. Machine Girl โ€” Krystle (URL Cyber Palace Mix)
  27. Seweslvt โ€” Mr. Kill Myself
  28. goreshit โ€” MATZcore
  29. IOSYS โ€” ใƒกใ‚คใƒ‰ใ‚„ใ‚ใพใ™ใ‹๏ผŸไบบ้–“ใ‚„ใ‚ใพใ™ใ‹๏ผŸ
  31. N & S โ€” DEAD END
  32. Tomosuke / U1-ASAMi โ€” It's a Small World (Ducking Hardcore Mix)
  33. YONEDA โ€” Bitch
  34. High Contrast โ€” Racing Green (Capsika Bootleg Remix)
  35. Minmi โ€” Shiki no Uta


Bemani, rave, gabber

  1. [Lobby Music] Rei Harakami โ€” Pone
  2. Masayoshi Iimori โ€” Alcohol feat. Relect
  4. aran โ€” GRiDGALAXY
  5. Lolica Tonica โ€” Make me Feel
  6. Hideki Naganuma โ€” AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FUNKY BEAT
  7. M-Project & Signal โ€” Come Feel The XTC
  8. Carpainter โ€” Bitch Body + Radarman (madmaid Remix)
  9. LeKtriQue โ€” Shots Fired
  10. The Bloody Beetroots โ€” Heavy
  11. MASAYOSHI IIMORI โ€” Hella Deep
  12. gasoiid โ€” s0-n2u
  13. Carpainter โ€” Salvo Fire
  14. Locked in the bathroom (Deus Ex)
  15. Max Graef โ€” Rush
  16. Virtual Self โ€” Ghost Voices (djX edit)
  17. Rockefeller Street (EightOEight Hardstyle Remix)
  18. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim โ€” Pump That Stupid Bass (Happy Rave Mix)
  19. TaQ โ€” Holic
  20. Joujouka โ€” Rock Is Sponge
  21. Klubbheads โ€” Kickin' Hard 2001 (Central Seven Remix)
  22. TaQ โ€” DXY!
  24. Water Spirit โ€” ARIES
  25. Boney M โ€” Rasputin (DOPEDROP Bootleg)
  26. Dj Psycangle โ€” Smile, Fuck Up (Wan Bushi Remix)
  29. ๆบๅฑ‹ โ€” Jump!
  30. 180 โ€” PARANOiA (kskst mix)
  31. N & S โ€” Dead End
  32. Y&Co. โ€” BAD BOY BASS!! (dj Remo-con MIX)
  33. Carpainter โ€” Supernova
  34. Masayoshi Iimori โ€” Punching Down
  35. aran & t+pazolite โ€” Chobit Flavor
  36. ๆบๅฑ‹ feat. motoko โ€” Stasis (3R2 Remix)
  37. Hydelic โ€” cycle of silence
  38. The Acolyte โ€” Treble, Bass, and Attitude
  39. Aya London โ€” Fly Me to the Moon -Beat- [TV Size]

Jan 25, 2020 โ€” NEUROTiC

[Download raw from IPFS]

4FTERLIFE_ONLINE was an internet neo-rave community that spawned from inspiration of internet rave life, underground 2000s rave cultures, Y2K, cyberpunk, infornography, identity & existentialism. NEUROTiC was my first performance with 4F_O; the event was livestreamed on 4F_O's twitch channel and featured performances by six different DJs and over 20 different virtual stages!

  1. Yuzo Koshiro - Entry Maxi4 (Terminal mode)
  2. DJ Noriken - Exhaust Hype
  3. Shinichi Osawa - Rendezvou
  4. THOMAS BANGALTER & DJ FALCON - CALL ON ME (Muttonheads fine touch remix)
  5. Mr. Oizo feat. Errorsmith - Erreur Jean
  6. ็‰›ๅฐพๆ†ฒ่ผ” - Drop In Pressure
  7. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - Pump That Stupid Bass (Happy Rave Mix)
  8. Carpainter - Mission Accepted (Otira Remix)
  9. Shinichi Osawa - Technodluv
  10. Dance Dance Revolution - The Acolyte - Treble, Bass, and Attitude
  11. C-Show - ERROR CODE
  12. The Speed Freak - DJ-Fuck
  13. Masayoshi Iimori - Rave Revolt
  14. Rockefeller Street (EightOEight Hardstyle Remix)
  15. Yuzo Koshiro - Highway Obsession
  16. Hydelic - butterfly effect

Jan 1, 2020 โ€” DECENNIUM 202X: New Year's Eve Event

[Download raw from IPFS]

My setup involved three computers, five instances of ffmpeg, one webcamera, one webserver, and 40GiB of RAM! It's really amazing that all these things came together to create one continuous experiece; it's this feeling that's kept me motivated in my experimentation with audio/visual experiences overall.

It was a super fun night! We started a little later than expected but once we got started the party went off without a hitch... it was my boyfriend's (DJ_ABF's) first time DJ'ing and I'm glad he had fun too. The entirety of the show was streamed on my Twitch channel as well. This show was super special to me because it was (1) my last show of 2019 and (2) the first show of my last year of college; I hope everyone at the party and everyone watching the recording (past, present, future) has as much fun as I did! The audicence was generally invited from a unviersity imageboard I run but far more people came out than I expected; especially since this was Winter break I didn't expect so many people to show up in real-life! Because this event was a blending of Internet neo-rave culture and my IRL friends I was surprised when we had an exceptional audience both online and in-person.

The night was divided into ZONES, which resemble the Zone Races from WipEout HD:

ZONE VENOM (DJ_ABF) (Pop, Big Room, House, Indie)

DJ_ABF opened the night with an accessible amount of pop and indie hits from the past decade (2010's); unfortunately there is no recording of his set but his tracklist is published below:

  1. Childish Gambino - Retro [ROUGH]
  2. Lil Wayne;Swizz Beatz - Uproar
  3. Joyner Lucas - I Love (Explicit)
  4. New Legends - kFle9pGCtU0
  5. Jungle - Heavy, California
  6. Two Feet - I Feel Like I'm Drowning
  7. Tame Impala - The Less I Know the Better
  8. Oceans - 7h3Pd5SbCRI
  9. slenderbodies - king
  10. James Arthur - You Deserve Better
  11. Ed Sheeran feat. Paulo Londra & Dave - Nothing On You
  12. The Chainsmokers, Amy Shark - The Reaper
  13. LSD - Genius
  14. Saint Laurent - WT WJDPfurc
  15. Alec Benjamin - Mind Is A Prison
  16. Harry Styles - Watermelon sugar

ZONE PHANTOM (BUSHMASTER) (Big beat, House, Nu-funk, Acid House)

BUSHMASTER played next, generating ZONE PHANTOM in the process; his set consisted of DDR-inspired nu-funk and fighting-game OST hits; it was a well-mixed and well-balanced set; I especially enjoy BUSHMASTER's taste for early-2000's esthetic; that much is evident in the visuals (slow-scrolling text and harsh contrasts) for his set as well as in his music; below is his (unordered) set list:

  1. Concept of Love Intro by Stuff3
  2. Michael Gray - The Weekend (Original 12 Inch Mix)
  3. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  4. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
  5. The Superman Lovers - Starlight
  6. Debbie Malone - Rescue Me (Original Version)
  7. Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Radio Edit)
  8. Space Cube - Session
  9. Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
  10. Skylar Spence - Can't You See
  11. ๅฅฅๆฒณ่‹ฑๆจน - Makoto Stage ~ Spunky
  12. ๅฅฅๆฒณ่‹ฑๆจน - Elena Stage ~ Beats in My Head (Tribal Dance)
  13. Hideki Naganuma - AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FUNKY BEAT
  14. TeddyLoid - Fly Away (Taku & TeddyLoid For the Club Edit)
  15. Capcom Vs. SNK 2 - This is True Love Makin' (London)
  16. Justice - DVNO
  17. Hideki Naganuma - Let Mom Sleep
  18. Hideki Naganuma - Teknopathetic
  19. Nookie - Give A Little Love ('94 Lick)
  20. Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Original Mix)
  21. FatBoy Slim - Wonderful night (album mix)
  22. The immortals - Techno syndrome 7
  23. Daft Punk - Da Funk
  24. Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentists
  25. Daft Punk - Indo Silver Club
  26. Ark - punkadelik (mr oizo rmx)
  27. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro (Original Club Mix)
  28. Buffalo Bunch - T.I.T.T.S. - Take It To The Streets
  29. The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
  30. Play Paul - Holy Ghostz
  31. Joga - Dam Dariram
  32. Le Knight Club - Nymphae Song
  33. Dance Dance Revolution - OKUYATOS - Kind Lady (Funk Disco Extended Mix)
  34. Detroit Swindle - The Break Up (Original Mix)
  35. Afro Medusa - Pasilda (Knee Deep Club Mix)
  36. Soul Providers - Rise (Bini And Martini Mix)
  37. Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie
  38. Daft Punk - Something About Us
  39. Madeon - No Fear No More
  40. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (12' club mix)

ZONE ZEN (DJR3) (French House, Synthpop, Future)

I went on next after a short intermission; I split my set in half according to taste; this first half was focused on upbeat pop and future-sounding music! My chief inspiration for this half of the set was WipEout HD; everything I picked out here sounded like it could've been a piece of the original soundtrack for that game; it is an extremely inspirational game for me and I think that much is evident in my visuals and my music. Below is my full set list for ZONE ZEN:

  1. Cola Splash - Curry Drinker
  2. Yuzo Koshiro - Overdrive Neurotransmitters
  3. Lolica Tonica - Make me Feel
  4. THOMAS BANGALTER & DJ FALCON - CALL ON ME (Muttonheads fine touch remix)
  5. Yelle - Moteur action
  6. The Touch - Le Night Dominator (Radio Edit)
  7. Nightcore - Rasputin (Remix)
  8. M_Ferri - Arturia (Boris Brejcha Remix)
  9. Justice - Waters of Nazareth
  10. Yelle - Que Veux-Tu (Madeon Remix)
  11. Perfume - Spring of Life (Album-mix)
  12. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - ใƒใ‚งใƒชใƒผใƒœใƒณใƒœใƒณ extended
  13. Surkin - Love Shot (Djedjotronic & Noob Remix)
  14. Joujouka - Rock Is Sponge
  15. Captain Jack - Dream A Dream
  16. Adam Freeland - Fear
  17. Ekowraith - Waiting For Tonight (Club Mix)
  18. Dopamine - Flat Out
  19. Locked in the bathroom (Deus Ex)
  20. Proxy - Decoy
  21. Surkin - Lose Yourself feat. Ann Saunderson (Brodinski Remix)
  22. Yuzo Koshiro - Acid Runner
  23. Hydelic - butterfly effect
  24. onoken - shylph
  25. Alice DeeJay - Better Off Alone 2008 (C o O k ! e Remix)
  26. Yuzo Koshiro - Entry (Maxi2 Version)
  27. Virtual Self - Particle Arts

ZONE SUPERZEN (DJR3) (Neo-rave, Dark Techno)

Next I transition into ZONE SUPERZEN; this zone is meant to be the harsher, neo-rave side of ZONE ZEN; the upbeat kick-and-snares of the former set are replaced with harsh synths and Roland 303 bass lines; I accompany the change of tone with a visual alteration, swapping out the bright color palette of the former ZONE with dark blacks and harsh reds which mirror the music I planned for ZONE SUPERZEN; below is the set list for that ZONE:

  1. Serial Experiments Lain - Cables and powerlines and electricity poles compilation
  2. Gesaffelstein - Trans
  3. ็‰›ๅฐพๆ†ฒ่ผ” - E
  4. Unknown Artist - Untitled (Kalli's Freezing Cold Confused Yoghurt Mix)
  5. Sasha - Goteki 45
  6. [ETC] MAGIA - Mindfuck Remix
  7. TaQ - stoic (EXTREME version)
  8. NOMA - Brain Power
  9. DJ Noriken - Summerlights(IIDX Edition)
  10. Rockefeller Street (EightOEight Hardstyle Remix)
  11. Treow, NaturaLe & Aruko - selFa
  12. 180 - PARANOiA (kskst mix)
  13. Simon C - Fuck You
  14. Creasemaster & Slamdog - Bump The Bass
  15. Kenta Nagata - Half Pipe
  16. Wan Bushi - Eurodance Vibes Part 5
  17. ฮฉ - MAX 300
  18. The legend Of Max - 27 The legend Of Max
  19. kamome sano - take it higher
  20. ็‰›ๅฐพๆ†ฒ่ผ” - Descent To Grey
  21. Aya London - Fly Me to the Moon -Beat- [TV Size]

Nov 23, 2019 โ€” Subsystem 20XX

[Download raw from IPFS]

This may be the most fun I've ever had putting together a show; we had decided that BUSHMASTER would open and DJR3 would go on right after; this was the second time I organized / played a set with an opener, the first being Howlerween. I advertised the party on my website and ~20 people showed overall; I was super-excited to see everyone!

The entire SUBSYSTEM20XX experience (i.e. both DJ sets) was livestreamed to Twitch.tv on my channel there. Despite being my first time livestreaming an event I think I ran it well; I used two IP cameras to feed an OBS setup running on a server in my closet; that feed was then encoded and sent to the Twitch servers to be broadcast in real-time. I hope to do more streams like this soon.


BUSHMASTER opened the night with a fun run of breakbeat, acid house, and neo-funk. Here's his setlist (not ordered):

  1. Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now
  2. Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank
  3. The Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun
  4. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
  5. Bald Terror - Drummachine
  6. Fatboy Slim - Acid 8000
  7. The Prodigy - Voodoo People
  8. Yugo Kanno - il vento d'oro
  9. Commix - Be True
  10. Fatboy Slim Vs Bassbin Twins - Aaaaw Shut Up
  11. FatBoy Slim - Big Beat Souffle
  12. Fatboy Slim - Everybody Needs A 303
  13. The Prodigy - Timebomb Zone
  14. Dawl - Let's Go
  15. Fatboy Slim - Love Island
  16. L.E.D.LIGHT-G - HELL SCAPER (Long version)
  17. Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama
  18. Mr.Oizo - Flat Beat
  19. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ
  20. Nookie - Give A Little Love ('94 Lick)
  21. j^p^n - amend. []
  22. Agent Sumo - Aint Got Time To
  23. Backdraft - Headcharge (original mix)
  24. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ
  25. Various Artists - Underworld - Born Slippy

DJR3 (8:45PM)

I went on around 8:45PM, playing a DJ set consisting of deep house, trance, and neo-rave; here's my setlist (in order):

  1. ๅฅฅๆฒณ่‹ฑๆจน - Now, Fight a New Rival!
  2. Gesaffelstein - Trans
  3. Deapmash - Halcyon (VIP mix)
  4. MPIA3 - Acid Badger
  5. The Black Dog - Heavy Industry (Shifted Remix)
  6. TaQ - Digital MinD (AT Libra mix)
  7. The Black Dog - Black Chamber Order (Blawan Remix)
  8. tiger YAMATO - R3
  9. TaQ - DXY!
  10. Counsel pop - jd sports
  11. Kai Tracid - Skywalker
  12. Dwig - Rise
  13. Daft Punk - Rollin' & Scratchin'
  14. Daft Punk - Oh Yeah
  15. Sasha - FEISAR
  16. zodiak commune - ZC 006 Mig - Passing Io A - Passing Io
  17. 180 - PARANOiA (kskst mix)
  18. G Jones - Drift (Acid Mix)
  19. System Shock - Bizzy Time
  20. NAOKI underground - INSERTiON
  21. Parallax - b Transcendental
  22. The Source Experience - Intruder
  23. The Speed Freak - 06 - Kung-Fu(ck You ! - I'll Use My Sword)
  24. ็ซนๆœฌๆ™ƒ - track44
  25. ABLK - Acid Starter Pack
  26. Virtual Self - EON BREAK
  27. d-complex - ECSTASY
  28. The Infinity Project - Hyperspaced (Doof Remix)
  29. USAO - Outbreak
  30. ็ซนๆœฌๆ™ƒ - ใ‚ตใ‚คใƒ™ใƒชใ‚ขใƒ†ใ‚ฏใ‚นใƒใƒฅใ‚ข5a
  31. onoken - shylph
  32. Masashi Hamauzu - FINAL FANTASY XIII - The Promise ~ The Sunleth Waterscape
  33. Aya London - Fly Me to the Moon -Beat- [TV Size]
  34. MOGUAI - ACIIID (Kryder X Benny Benassi Remix)
  35. Ryu - Be quiet
  36. zodiak commune - ZC 001 Acid Basztard-Kompressor EP A2 - Atomzeit-'98
  37. Wan Bushi - 02 Samurai Dance
  38. OutPhase - sync
  39. onoken - felys
  40. Creasemaster & Slamdog - Bump The Bass
  41. The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry (Rave Mix)
  42. Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (djX edit)
  43. Dj Psycangle - Smile, Fuck Up (Wan Bushi Remix)

Aug 17, 2019 โ€” Howler Presents...

[Download raw from IPFS]

This was the first set I ever played and the first really big party we threw; serious home-grown house party vibes contained in this grainy video. Unfortunately, the VOD cuts when things start to get really weird and really deep and really gabber... maybe that's for the best!

I recorded it all on my Google Nexus 6 propped against a wall.

  1. Naoki Maeda - Title (Can You Feel The Rhythm?)
  2. Push - Strange World (2000 Remake)
  3. Hydelic - butterfly effect (instrumental mix)
  4. The Crystal Method - Acetone
  5. Hydelic - awakening
  6. Porter Robinson - my nostalgia is a curse
  7. LAMONT - Titanic
  8. Otira - Take Me
  9. Proxy - Cypher
  10. Orbital - Impact (The Earth Is Burning)
  11. Unknown Artist - Untitled (Kalli's Freezing Cold Confused Yoghurt Mix)
  12. Fatboy Slim - Acid 8000
  13. counsel pop - jd sports
  14. Stakker - Humanoid (Plump DJs 2001 Retouch)
  15. The Future Sound of London - We Have Explosive (Herd Killing)
  16. 138 - Deconstruct (Joefarr Remix)
  17. Sync [Extreme Version] - 18 Sync [Extreme Version]
  18. Porter Robinson - SHEPHERDESS
  19. Plump DJs - Gobbstopper
  21. bald terror - drummachine (original mix)
  22. kors k - Rave Cannon
  23. DJ TECHNORCH - PARANOiA TCN ๏ฝžDirty Mix๏ฝž
  24. ใ‹ใ‚ใ‚Šใ‚ - kick the dance floor!!
  25. DJ Noriken - Exhaust Hype(Boost Up)
  26. ใƒŽใƒž - Brain Power
  27. Pushin' On - 656237072
  29. Dj Psycangle - Smile, Fuck Up (Wan Bushi Remix)
  30. Unexist - Die Screaming Motherfucker
  32. Wan Bushi - Combo Whore
  33. 2MB - PARANOiA KCET (Clean Mix)
  34. Masayoshi Iimori - Rave Revolt
  35. DJ Noriken - Summerlights(IIDX Edition)
  36. Square Enix - Wretched Weaponry:Quiet
  37. Kai Tracid - Skywalker
  38. Virtual Self - Particle Arts
  39. Virtual Self - ANGEL VOICES
  40. Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Raito Remix)
  41. Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Raito Old School Remix)
  42. MPIA3 - Acid Badger
  43. tiger YAMATO - R3
  44. Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says (Mt Eden Remix)
  45. Shiro Sagisu - Decisive Battle
  46. Dj Sharpnel - That Japanese Track(Noiserave Remix
  47. N & S - Dead End
  48. Chosen Few - The Name Of The Dj(Noiserave Remix)
  49. Masayoshi Iimori - Euphoria
  51. TaQ - DXY!
  54. Square Enix - Broken Heart
  55. Eprom, G Jones - Daemon Veil (Original Mix)
  56. Eprom and Bong-Ra - Center of the Sun (Bong-Ra Remix)
  57. Toys Are Real - Flymutha
  58. Sasha - FEISAR
  59. Yuzo Koshiro - Acid Runner
  60. Underworld - Kittens
  61. Plump DJs - Big Groovy Funker
  62. Keiichi Sugiyama - Buggie Running Beeps 01
  63. Yuzo Koshiro - Wanna Try One Last Time
  64. Ekowraith - Waiting For Tonight (Club Mix)
  65. SHIKI - air
  66. Son Lux - Flickers
  67. Disclosure - What's In Your Head
  68. Kenta Nagata - Lost
  69. Kenta Nagata - White Out
  71. Kenta Nagata - Half Pipe
  72. Kenta Nagata - db
  73. Harrison BDP - Confusion Of Sound
  74. Stoic [Extreme Version] - 20 Stoic [Extreme Version]
  75. Kai Tracid - 180ยฐ Bassdrum
  76. Ryu - Be quiet
  77. E-ROTIC - CAT'S EYE (Ventura Mix)
  78. ฮฉ - MAX 300
  79. The legend Of Max - 27 The legend Of Max
  80. Wan Bushi - 02 Samurai Dance
  82. Gabber Piet - Real Hardcore
  83. DJ TECHNORCH - Gothic System (2005 Re-Edit)
  84. ็ซนๆœฌๆ™ƒ - ใƒ—ใƒญใƒˆใ‚ฟใ‚คใƒ—F
  85. Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World
  86. Masashi Hamauzu - FINAL FANTASY XIII - The Promise ~ The Sunleth Waterscape
  87. SHIKI - Mercury Lamp
  88. Virtual Self - EON BREAK
  90. Dance Dance Revolution - OKUYATOS - Kind Lady (Funk Disco Extended Mix)
  91. Hydelic - butterfly effect (instrumental mix)