wesl.ee is my personal wiki; it is similar to a blog but there is no focus on the chronology of the things I write; instead the site is organized by the connections and links between different ideas. The site is generated from plaintext files using ikiwiki as a static-site generator. The text files are available and are versioned as a git repository though it's more pleasant to read the rendered HTML than the plaintext files themselves. I promise that you're not missing anything.

In addition to being the title of this site wesl-ee is also a name I use as a handle on the Internet. I'm not anon but I like the handle better.

Site Hosting / Decentralization

I host the canonical version of this site, https://wesl.ee, on a rented VPS that I originally only hosted a Garry's Mod server on. Before it was uploaded to the VPS the site ran on a self-hosted server which I operated on my home connection.

As a decentralized alternative to accessing the site from my VPS an exact copy of the site is also uploaded to IPFS whenever I make any changes. It is available at /ipns/k2k4r8mboahxabdczxp817ktff8blpdo6z32kjw5qjuvlc9c56tjbr9m. Installing an add-on like IPFS companion may make browsing IPFS sites like mine easier. I have a few servers that ensure the wiki is pinned and always available, though it should theoretically be available as long as people are accessing it.

Finally if you're not keen on remembering that long IPNS URL I've reserved the wesl-ee.eth name on the Ethereum Name Service; that name points to this same content on IPFS, only the wesl-ee.eth name is far easier to remember. I have this .eth domain name reserved until 2032 so you should have plenty of time to browse through the wiki (⌒▽⌒)☆