Hi, I'm Wesley, also known as wesl-ee.

I write computer code that does useful things. I have worked as a software developer with large companies like Nasdaq and NVIDIA and also with with smaller, leaner startups in the cryptocurrency space. I hope you will see through this site that I am a generalist too and cultivate knowledge across many seemingly disjoint domains. This site is a record of that interest.

My professional expertise is within the broad scope of “distributed systems”; this includes blockchains, P2P networking, high-availibility systems, and technology built on these primitives. High-level concepts I have relevant professional experience with are Digital Money, Decentralized Finance, perpetual futures, options, and many different flavors of stablecoins.

Before I began working full-time I graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and another B.S. in Electrical Engineering. During that time I also accidentally took enough courses to collect my minor in mathematics on the way out the door.


I am a digital native; I believe Digital Money is the future. I run an On-Prem Home Lab Kubernetes cluster which hosts this website and many other services. I am building a generally available P2P network called HooYa! which already hosts all of the images on this website.

New software I write these days is typically in Rust but I have a strong background in Go and C++. The technologies I use beyond these languages are too many to mention. My personal code is available from my Github.


Within and without the above tech I maintain my hobbies.

My daily-driver is a '97 BMW 318ti which I maintain to its factory specification. This car is older than me yet somehow still runs; I am its only mechanic.

I am fluent in Japanese; I studied at Sophia University in Tōkyō, Japan; continuing my Japanese study is one of several outlets for me to express my passion for learning.

My aesthetics are important to me; I am in the gym and lifting more days than I am not.

Other things I love:

Most of the day I exist in my Workspace.

Contacting Me / Net Presence

There are many ways to Contact me on the Internet. Some preferred more than others.