Shepherdess is the name of my present desktop. Gradually it was assembled from the remains of Spitfire but is now a new machine entirely. It is a level 1 hypervisor using Arch Linux (btw) as the host and running any number of virtual machines on top of it, passing through the GPU to those machines which I use as full-blown desktops.

You can see this desktop in the most recent photospheres of my Workspace.

Sometimes I get in trouble with anti-cheat engines for running on a hypervisor. Present virtual machines running on top of shepherdess with periphieral passthrough (including GPU) include:

  • NixOS, for most stuff (hostname “divinity”)
  • Windows 10, for VR games because I have an HTC Vive Pro 2 with no Linux support
  • Windows ME, for fun!

Present hardware specs are as below:

  • MSI NVIDIA RTX 3090 (formerly an FE RTX 3070) GPU
  • Intel i9-11900K CPU
  • 80GiB RAM
  • 2〜3 16:9 monitors with only the center one placed landscape

Absurd RAM and GPU needed for local AI imagegen + textgen.

Because this is a hypervisor I don't run any desktop environment on the bare-metal. But here is how my Linux box is configured on top of this hypervisor:

  • NixOS + home-manager (formerly Gentoo)
  • awesomewm as a window manager on X11
  • alacritty as a terminal emulator
  • mpd + ncmpcpp for music playback through
  • stable-diffusion-webui for AI imagegen
  • text-generation-webui for AI textgen