In 2023 I began drawing again, having previously quit around around the age of 8 or 9. I enjoy it immensely and even if I'm not great at it I love putting on an album and completely losing track of time . It's relaxing once you loosely know what you are doing, and there are always so many things to study that you'll never run out of interesting things to sketch.

Here are some things I have drawn. Even though I started in 2023 I drew embarassingly little that year. It's my goal this year to draw more because that's the only way I will ever get better. I'm also trying to draw faster (also so I can output more) but that comes only with practice too.

My education didn't include any art or even any technical drafting classes so I've really just been winging it with some dusty books. But luckily art is a well-studied subject and we've figured out perspective, realism and almost everything already so I don't think I need a formal class, just some nudging here and there from friends who know better than I.

For instance I was recently gifted a set of 48 oil paints but was advised by a friend to only use a few, otherwise I'd be spoiled by being able to select the exact color instead of mixing the primary colors and understanding the theory.